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Paradise by TiffaniMariel Paradise :icontiffanimariel:TiffaniMariel 0 0 On The Horizon by TiffaniMariel On The Horizon :icontiffanimariel:TiffaniMariel 1 0 Crumbling Sandcastles by TiffaniMariel Crumbling Sandcastles :icontiffanimariel:TiffaniMariel 1 0 In Memory of Those Lost At Sea by TiffaniMariel In Memory of Those Lost At Sea :icontiffanimariel:TiffaniMariel 1 0 Sunset Beach by TiffaniMariel Sunset Beach :icontiffanimariel:TiffaniMariel 0 0 Untitled by TiffaniMariel Untitled :icontiffanimariel:TiffaniMariel 0 0 Flower Power by TiffaniMariel Flower Power :icontiffanimariel:TiffaniMariel 1 0 Holly Berry by TiffaniMariel Holly Berry :icontiffanimariel:TiffaniMariel 2 0
The moon dances high
Atop the earth as it spins.
:icontiffanimariel:TiffaniMariel 0 0
Dark Beauty
The moonlight shimmers
Across the sea like diamonds
Nature's dark beauty
:icontiffanimariel:TiffaniMariel 0 0
La Isla
La Isla
As the wind whispers through the trees,
I swear I hear you talking to me.
I don't hear your voice, persay.
Instead, I hear you in a different way.
I hear someone whisper my name and turn around
But there's not a person to be found.
I feel the slightest caress upon my skin
And I know it's not merely the wind.
Your favorite songs followed by others that make me think of you,
As though, in the radio speakers, it's you projecting through.
I see rainbows and shapes in the clouds and in the stars at night,
Hoping, thinking, praying that it's you sending me a sign.
And whenever I'm sad or having a bad day,
Something, somehow, comes my way.
Be it a cardinal, a quote, or a movie on TV,
Me thinks you find a way to comfort me.
I'm not so surprised; you're my one true love.
And I'm sure that you're watching from high up above.
Babes, you are my soul mate and my twin flame
The light to my dark and the yin to my yang.
Even in death, our connection remains strong and true.
And Justin Case you
:icontiffanimariel:TiffaniMariel 0 0


Inner Tempest by b33rheart Inner Tempest :iconb33rheart:b33rheart 1,921 129 A Little Squirrel by ArtiKristi A Little Squirrel :iconartikristi:ArtiKristi 13 2
A Moment Together
There's a romantic song in the way you speak,
A scent of cranberry in the touch of your skin.
And when I stir the love in your eyes,
I could feel your lips on my skin.
I could never feel enough of your hands on my chest,
The scent of your fingers on my lips,
The sound of your whispers in my dreams,
The sweetness of your love in my ears.
I wish the days with you could last forever,
The taste of you could linger like summer.
The days of our love coming together,
Like the sweetness of you I will always remember.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 171 105
Even In My Dreams
So I dreamed about you last night,
After writing about you yesterday.
And if only I could dream like that every night,
Then I'd happily write about you every day.
Even now I can remember that kiss of yours,
The way you hold me between your hands,
Pampering softness of your lips,
The lustful moments you took my breath away.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 55 12
Just You
My dreams take me to you when I miss you,
But not always,
Like the way your kisses takes my breath away every day.
And every night I would hold you like something I may accidentally lose,
Just like that longing I see in your eyes,
The warmth between our hands,
The love I feel in my heart ringing almost excruciatingly strong,
And maybe by tomorrow,
Another day happily spent with no one else but you.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 94 41
I love you.
I wondered if you could hear my heart in your sleep,
Recognize the smell of my skin in your dreams,
Touch my lips when you wake up,
And whisper in my ears while I sleep.
I pondered all that as you fell asleep to my heartbeat,
Breathing softly on my chest with one of your hands still feeling me.
And when I wake up it was your lips,
Or maybe it's all just a dream.
But when I declared "I love you",
I could feel your lips at my ear,
Whispering the sweet melody,
Of everything I ever wanted to hear.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 1,037 763
Because I Miss You
I fell asleep last night with your letters by my side.
There must have been a hundred pages,
Scented with the love I've been dreaming of every day.
So it is true that I read all of them before sleep sometimes,
Just once in a little while,
Slowly like the way I long to caress your lips.
And the softness of your touch haunts my every dream,
Like this longing I have of you,
Burning ever so precariously in this moment of my heart.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 582 185
Twin Flame
The fire in your eyes
Was put out by your tears
The flame in your heart
Was replaced by the fear
The light of my life
Is fading away
The bright burning orange
Is turning to grey
If you fade I fade too
I can feel your pain
Twin Flame
If i was made for you
Burn with me again
Twin Flame
Your passion burned scars
In the heart of my soul
Without your warm touch
I am losing control
You're losing the heat
Of that fire inside
Oh wont you help me
To help you reignite
If you fade I fade too
I can feel your pain
Twin Flame
If i was made for you
Burn with me again
Twin Flame
:iconteam-deamon:TEAM-DEAMON 18 4
The Promise
You promised me, my love, you see, and I shall not forget.
We climbed the tower stairs as the bell solemnly chimed.
"If life forbids our love, then in death we shall wed."
You took my hand, we kissed our last, and off the edge we stepped.
But you let go, so I alone, plunged into the night.
But you promised me, my love, you see, and I shall not forget.
So I wait for you now, my love, for I know you must regret
Your eyes were flick'ring candles as you watched me die.
"If life forbids our love, then in death we shall wed."
You'll see me there again, some night, waiting by the tower steps.
You'll take my hand, I'll lead you up, up into the sky.
You promised me, my love, you see, and I shall not forget.
The bell will toll an exaltation, before we paint the ground deep red.
I'll whisper back the words you spoke upon our midnight flight:
"If life forbids our love, then in death we shall wed."
I'll ghost a kiss across your lips, to steal your final breath
Then look into your candle-eyes, and s
:iconladyofgaerdon:LadyofGaerdon 27 16
kissing a ghost
once upon a
time, i
inhaled a shooting
star -
silver trail
it was a falling
star (in
like kissing a ghost
in the parking
lot in the
stairs hollow
lips pressed
against mine
you said darling i
won't be here
just long enough
to make you love
sunrise dim on
the horizon, blur
ring the li(n)es -
there is the present
and there is the
future but the
past is merely
enclosed in
stories between
the pages
and the sun
it is strong it
is bright it is
scorching my moon-
flesh charring
my lungs burning
my heart
like kissing a ghost
blazing fire blazing
soul, suspended in
m i d a i r
[like a
from a
and you whisper
darling, i won't be
here forever;
just long enough
to make you
:icontowards-eternity:towards-eternity 310 141
Ghost lover by cameraflou Ghost lover :iconcameraflou:cameraflou 378 91 Querida Muerta Revisited WIP by R-becca Querida Muerta Revisited WIP :iconr-becca:R-becca 860 48 Calavera by Candra Calavera :iconcandra:Candra 997 25 Fluttershy Sugar Skull Mini Print by MonstreNoir Fluttershy Sugar Skull Mini Print :iconmonstrenoir:MonstreNoir 1,021 55


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